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Boys Gymnastics Classes 

Boys need a place where they can direct their boundless energy toward positive, constructive outcomes. Training boys in a discipline that produces physical strength and mental toughness is what our boys gymnastics program strives to accomplish.

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Beginner boys 

  • 55 minute class

  • Boys only

  • Weekly character training

  • Class includes floor, bars, vault, rings and mushroom instruction

  • Learn focus, patience, obedience and grow in confidence

  • Increase strength, coordination, and balance

  • Boys learn basic gymnastics skills in a structured, positive setting

Intermediate boys 

  • 85 min minute class

  • Boys only

  • Weekly character training

  • Floor, high bar, rings, vault, and pommel horse

  • Discipline, focus, goal-setting to build confidence

  • Challenges boys on an individual level

  • Strength and coordination training to prepare for success in other sports

  • More advanced skills including those that prepare boys for team for those who desire a competitive experience

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